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Worldwide Awake Hand Surgery group- Hand Surgeons In London

The Worldwide Awake Hand Surgery group was formed in 2012 and is based off Harley Street in London in The United Kingdom.  The group primarily comprises surgeons from around the world who have transitioned to Wide Awake hand surgical care and their hand surgery patients; other clinical and support staff are also represented in the group- but all must have specific experience of specialist wide awake hand surgery; trainee surgeons with a special interest in wide awake hand surgery are also admitted- since they are the future of wide awake hand surgery.  Our surgeon members are qualified doctors and practising orthopaedic (or plastic) surgeons whose main professional interest is wide awake hand surgery. The founder members of the group are pioneers of Wide Awake Hand Surgery. The Worldwide Awake Hand Surgery founder members have performed at least one thousand wide awake hand surgery procedures, and have  published on wide awake hand surgery in peer reviewed journals .

Mission, Scope And Conflict Of Interest

The Worldwide Awake Hand Surgery group's  aim is to ensure that patients worldwide can benefit from the evidence-based advances that have been made through wide awake hand surgery. A review of current  world published literature on wide awake hand surgery versus hand surgery in general demonstrates a gap between the potential and practise of wide awake hand surgery worldwide: and we at the worldwide awake hand surgery group are compiling statistics in this regard.   The group will offer support for hand surgeons' transition to wide awake hand surgery. This website is a portal through which wide awake hand surgeons worldwide can exchange information and advice on wide awake hand surgery. Moreover, the group and the website aim to facilitate optimal evidence-based wide awake hand surgical care- globally.

*Please note- this website and the group are concerned with the practise of and evidence regarding Wide Awake Hand Surgery which is hand surgery performed under local anaesthesia and without tourniquets, general or regional anaesthesia or sedation: it is not a general hand surgery group/body/ website.

For general hand surgery advice or information please contact your national hand surgery body- this website and the associated group only concerns itself with the wide awake approach to hand surgery; however, this is necessarily presented in the context of the generality of hand surgery.

The Worldwide Awake Hand Surgery group is non-profit, we do not charge for membership or advice; we do not ask for outside funding for our research; we utilize profits from the UK registered company ExpertOrthopaedics.Com Ltd  Our surgeon founder members, secretary and president and indeed the surgeon members throughout the world are all practising hand surgeons.  As such this site and the group may necessarily refer to members' practises since this is how we learn and share.  All patient information is anonymised and only published with prior consent.  The OSWA hand surgery pathway was developed by two of our founders and hence references to their practice is necessary for learning.  However, we aim on this website to inform and educate not promote.  All surgeon members are free to use our logo and to refer to their membership status as they choose.  This website does not directly generate any revenue and will remain ad free.

OSWA- One Stop Wide Awake Orthopaedic Surgery

In the UK the significant experience of  wide awake hand surgery and wide awake Dupuytren's Fasciectomy, as at 2012: has been published after peer review in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Short Reports: and has utilized exclusively the OSWA approach. 

OSWA is the acronym for 'One Stop Wide Awake' hand surgery: and as the above publications demonstrate; this technique was pioneered in the UK.

Wide Awake Hand Surgery: Made in England and Australia

The origins of wide awake hand surgery can be traced to our founder member and patron Mr TH Robbins from Australia and specifically his publication in the Annals Of The Royal College of Surgeons of England when he described his pathoanatomical and logical approach to Dupuytren's fasciectomy in the early 1980s. The concept of longitudinal incisions with or without (deferred) Z-plasty to enable accelerated rehabilitation was the basis for the subsequent progress with wide awake dupuytren's fasciectomy by Mr Robbins himself and simultaneous by Mr MSK Bismil (after adopting the technique) in the UK.  It was only due to the work of TH Robbins that MSK and QMK Bismil the other founder members of the group were able to establish the world's first high volume totally wide awake Dupuytren's fasciectomy service in the UK.

Supporting open access publications 

As a group we believe that the open access publishing model is paramount to the evidence based approach to hand surgery in the 21st century.  In this regard the significant UK experience of wide awake hand surgery and wide awake Dupuytren's Fasciectomy, through the OSWA approach, as at 2012 has been published after peer review in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Short Reports and via OA publishing in London.

Working with Day Surgery and Ambulatory Care Groups

Mr QMK and MSK Bismil have been invited as guest speakers to lecture on the OSWA approach to hand surgery.  This is an indication that BADS recognise the potential of OSWA hand surgery; and similarly we attribute the development of OSWA in the UK to our work with BADS.  Mr QMK and MSK Bismil have been invited as guest speakers to the SWAG meeting in April 2013 in Buckfastleigh: they will be lecturing on wide awake hand surgery and the allied one stop approach to hand surgery (unfortunately they were unable to attend the BADS meeting.  

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